Service Overview

I have only one objective … namely to help my clients to achieve their personal objectives through their chosen business. This usually involves one or more aspects of marketing. The following services are examples of the key areas that I concentrate on. They are not, however, an exclusive list. Every client’s needs are different and require a different approach.

Some marketing ideas I deal with are conventional but many of them are not. I deal with “Real World” Marketing not the “Academic” kind. For more information go to my FAQ page. To request a FREE consultation please Register.

Most people I know, just want two simple things … more money and more time to enjoy it. There are other needs such as enjoyable work and the occasional challenge or excitement but they generally fall in behind the first two.

Marketing Services

Marketing Strategy
Market Segmentation
Product Development
Customer Analysis
Product Analysis
Promotional Strategies
Profit Building

Selling Services

Sales Training
Prospect Identification
Getting Appointments
Customer Analysis
Product Analysis
Presentation Skills
Profit Improvement

Web Marketing Services

Web Marketing Strategy
Web Site Promotion
Search Engine Optimisation
On-line Selling
Newsgroups, Blogs & Forums
Opt-in E-mail & list building
E-Zine Marketing
Web Site “Stickiness