Be Your Own Boss

In this section you’ll find out all about our origins, activities and mission in life.

Be Your Own Boss is the brainchild of Business Consultant and Entrepreneur, John Kirk with contributions from colleagues he has worked with over the years and acknowledged experts in various business disciplines.

John has been in business for the past thirty years and has had to respond to many changes and opportunities in that time. For the past twenty years he has helped hundreds of budding entrepreneurs get their fledgling businesses off the ground. Also during this time he has worked with existing businesses to help them to develop and grow.

“I’m totally committed to the idea of self reliance” says John. “I cannot understand the attitude of the ‘hand-out culture’ that has developed in some areas of this country. Life doesn’t come on a silver platter, not for most of us anyway! Whatever we want out of life, we have to go out and get it. It’s so much more rewarding and fulfilling that way”.

All of John’s associates and colleagues think the same way and are prepared to help anyone wanting to throw off the shackles and take control of their own lives.

The aim of this website is to bring you business ideas, information and opportunities so that you too can enjoy the freedom and independence that comes from being your own boss.

Welcome to the world of financial freedom and independence.

Good luck and enjoy!