4 Ways to Grow Traffic

Doing business on the internet depends mostly on bringing visitors to your website. This stream of visitors is referred to by internet marketers as “traffic”.

There is a huge amount of “hype” and “misinformation” about generating traffic online. Basically there are four ways to get traffic – you can EARN it, you can PAY for it, you can BORROW it or you can STEAL it!

You EARN traffic by building a reputation for giving both visitors and search engines what they want – namely good, useful content and by getting referrals as a result of excellent customer service.

You PAY for traffic when you use Pay Per Click or other paid advertising, when you pay commission to affiliates for sending visitors who buy or when you pay for Search Engine Optimisation or Directory inclusion.

You BORROW traffic when you access the visitor flow from other websites or the readership of ezines/newsletters via Joint Ventures.

I’m not even going to begin to discuss STEALING traffic, sorry!