Be Your Own Boss – BBC Series

I’ve long been a fan of Dragon’s Den, but BBC3’s new series, “Be Your Own Boss” goes much further and a lot deeper into the realities of becoming a new entrepreneur.

Richard Reed, founder of Innocent Drinks, sets out to find Britain’s wannabe entrepreneurs. He’s looking for tomorrow’s potential high flyers to invest in with a million pounds of his own money. Starting out with 500 possibles Richard and his team of fellow entrepreneurs have to narrow these down to just a handful of likely prospects.

During the 6 part series, Richard will select three each week and give them a challenge to prove their worth, before deciding whether to invest in them or not. Some of the businesses are already operating but need funding to grow but others are barely more than an idea.

At the time of writing, the series is two episodes into it’s run. In week one only one of the three succeeds in getting the funding they need but in episode 2, two out of the three get the investment that could make their dream a reality.

This is real ‘hands on’ stuff, not just a pitch like on Dragon’s Den. The perils and pitfalls of business are very apparent, as are the qualities needed by the true entrepreneur if they are to get past the first hurdle. This is not just entertaining but extremely good learning if you want to start your own business.

If you truly want to be your own boss this TV series is a must watch training programme. Although two episodes have already aired, you can still catch up on BBC iPlayer.

Catch up with episode 1 here:

Then go to episode 2 right here:

The series has accompanying information on the series on the BBC website:

Enjoy! But take lots of notes, this will be a very valuable education.

Let me know what you think of the show and any ways you think it has or will help you in your business venture. You can use the comments box below.  Feel free to share this post via Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc.


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