Don’t Assume – Research!

Here’s an overdue tip I should have shared with you earlier. I was reminded of it when I ran one of my regular Web Academy courses recently. This was an advanced course, and promoted as such, but I kept getting asked questions about some pretty basic stuff. Now, I never mind going over the basics with my delegates, but it occured to me that my readers may be in a similar position with their customers.

We often tend to believe that our customers know more than they actually do. We become so immersed in our own industry and take so much for granted that we forget that what we consider everyday knowledge is completely new and valuable to others.

I’ve often shared information that I considered common knowledge, only to find that it was just what a very grateful customer needed right then!

There are a number of lessons here and a couple of ways to profit from this. The main lesson is – Never Assume the customer knows what you or your product does. Never Assume that you know what the customer wants. In both cases check – research your customers and your marketplace and find out what they need and what they don’t know.

And the two ways to profit?

1. Keeping customers informed of information that could help them or is even vital to them always leads to more business, either directly or via recommendation.

2. The information you have that you could or should share may be so valuable that it is worth money. People would gladly buy it if it was packaged and promoted correctly. The ‘Information Business’ in this world is worth billions. Could you pick up your share with what you know?