FREEDOM 4 – Principles

So far I have introduced you to some of the freedom principles that I live by. Together we have looked at examining your lifestyle requirements and those of your family. I have given you a method to get out of debt that I know works, because I have personally used it! I have also shown you how I and most successful people set and achieve goals.

Now I want to introduce you to some very controversial freedom principles! Are you ready? Do you have an open mind? You may have heard some of these before, the message is beginning to get out there – so here goes……

  • You have the RIGHT to be free and to choose your own destiny! But your choices should not deny the same rights to others
  • You may CHOOSE to serve others, and this can be very satisfying, but no one should force, or coerce or manipulate you into doing so!
  • You were NOT born into modern slavery, even though it might sometimes feel like it!
  • You have the RIGHT to be happy, it is our natural state (left to our own devices!) If what you are doing does not make you happy, or worse still makes you unhappy – CHANGE what you are doing!
  • Kill the BIG LIE …. Money DOES Grow On Trees!! In both the literal and metaphorical sense. Literally, apples, oranges, olives, almonds, walnuts….. i.e. CASH CROPS grow on trees. But, more important is the metaphor. When, as a child, you were told that money does not grow on trees, you were in effect being told that there is a limited supply of money. In fact the supply is NOT limited! For those that can change their belief and learn how to make money, there is no limit. There may, however, be limits to what you are prepared to do to make money – but that is your choice and comes from your freedom to decide.
  • But also understand that money isn’t everything, it is simply a means of exchange. Do not sell your soul for it. Having the right attitude to money is what is important. Money is NOT the master, YOU are!
  • Freedom brings responsibilty. You must live with the outcomes of your choices. Make them wisely.

I shall leave you to ponder these concepts and make room for them in your life. But we are not finished yet, I shall introduce many more before we are finished here!