Get Rich Quick (Not!)

As a business coach I get asked about allĀ  manner of ‘get rich quick’ scams schemes. Many so-called ‘business opportunities’ come under this heading. Genuine business opportunities require some form of effort, skill or knowledge to be able to take advantage of them and most require time to bring them to fruition. They often also involve a degree of risk if you make mistakes or just get ‘unlucky’.

The classic is the ‘make loads of money overnight with no effort’ or the ‘everything is done for you’ approach. There is no such thing as ‘money for nothing’, I know – I’ve searched for years and years :-). In the internet world the latest game is to convince you that your own personal robot or software will do it all for you. An example is a recent comment from a reader on the Forum page about an investment trading robot.

No! Software won’t do it all for you, it may take a lot of tedious or routine work off your shoulders, but it won’t make the entrepreneurial decisions or take the key business actions that are essential to success.

There are shortcuts to success in business, but they come from your aquired knowledge and experience and working ‘smart’, not from buying some ‘get rich quick’ scheme.