Identify Real Value

To many people “value” means “cheap”. But we all know that, in reality, we get what we pay for – right?

If we pay too little for something and it doesn’t do the job, in truth we have just wasted that money. On the other hand, anything we buy that delivers real benefits is usually worth at least what we paid for it – often more. That’s real value.

So what about the “free” stuff then – is it really worthless? Well yes, sometimes! But more often than not, it isn’t really free at all. For instance, I want satisfied visitors and customers. I want you to feel that I give great value so that you continue to visit this website or remain a member of the Home Business Club.

When I give you something “free”, it is either to say “thank you” for visiting the site or to give you something useful to help you in your business. If as a result, you feel that you have had value for the time you spent with me, you are likely to repeat the experience. You might even buy from me expecting, rightly, that you will get excellent value in return. So, in this respect, “free” isn’t really free at all! You have given your time, attention and support in exchange.