Our New HQ

I’m in the process of moving all the rest of my websites over to WordPress. The latest being my new HQ website at johnkirk.net. This site will form the hub of all my activities and co-ordinate all my websites. Since I have been steadily growing my internet ‘Real Estate’, I needed somewhere to install a full management back end to streamline the whole business and prevent duplication [particularly of effort – I hate work 🙂 ]

Be Your Own Boss will still be my main site for business development advice and support but the new HQ will manage delivery of all products and services as well as memberships, subscriptions, accounting and my affiliate program. For anyone with diverse business interests who is finding it difficult to keep track, I can certainly recommend centralisation of core business services. This is going to make life so much easier, I would have done it earlier if I could have found the right software but now I have. I’ll give you more information on it as I become more familiar with it.