Selling Information

The Mail Order industry has always had a thriving information marketing element, as has the new internet marketing arena. The best known example in both industries is the business opportunity or ‘get rich quick!’ sector of the information market. But information products are selling in huge quantities in many markets: Language learning, stock market trading, pet care, parenting, personal development, improving your golf, fly fishing, learn to play guitar, cook books, gardening books – are just a tiny few examples.

So why am I telling you this? Well, selling information is an ideal ‘work from home’ venture. Many well known information publishers started out as home based businesses and quite a large number of people would prefer to continue to operate from home. It suits their lifestyle, gives them freedom and generates a potentially good income. The attraction of information products to the mail order industry has always been the excellent profit margins to be had, but with the advent of the internet it has become even better. Marketing costs are lower on the internet, you can reach a wider market, people are actively looking for information on the internet and electronic, downloadable products are cheaper to produce and deliver than physical mail order products.

But what really sparked me off on this topic is a series of short ‘bite sized’ audio interviews I’ve been listening to on the future of information marketing. I’ve been ploughing through a series of 72  15-minute interviews with some of the most successful people in the business on their views of where information marketing is heading in the next few years. Some of their ideas have really got my head buzzing (and my ears ringing 🙂  I must give the MP3 player a rest!)

The set also comes with a 70 minute overview of the series which the interviewer has promised I can give to any of my readers who might be interested. If you would like a copy, post a comment below and I’ll see you get one.

Speaking of information marketing, the latest sponsor advert on the right of this page (bottom right of the block) is for a new book on quick cash tips for affiliate marketers. I’m a great believer in affiliate marketing, as you know, but I was amazed at some of the results people have been getting with these ideas.