Small Business Crash Course

Small Business Course

This is way overdue but I’ve intended for some time to produce a series of online training courses for new businesses or even those just thinking of starting a business. With two businesses of my own to run and a growing number of consulting clients finding the time has been a little tricky. Now I’m semi-retired and cutting back on my full day business training workshops the time has come to put my courses on auto-pilot.

First up is a simple six day small business crash course via email, one lesson a day. This is intended for those just considering starting their own business or anyone struggling to get started. It answers the key questions about “how do I get started?” Things like:

  • The ins and outs of starting your own small business along with some of the basic steps you will need to take to get up and running.
  • Some of the different options available for financing your small business, so that you can choose the one that is right for you.
  • An overview of how to create a professional business plan for your small business.
  • Some of the basic information that you must know when it comes to paying taxes for your small business.
  • Some of the common mistakes that small business owners make, so you can avoid making them yourself.
  • The importance of having an online presence and developing an internet marketing strategy for your small business

There will be more short courses to come in future but in the meantime find out more about my Small Business Crash Course. You can enroll for the course from that page.

Oh! I forgot to mention, this one’s FREE!

If you take the course, come back here and let me know how you get on. I would really appreciate your feedback on the course. You can also let me know what else you would like to know about starting and running your own business.

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