The 12 Month Millionaire

Entrepreneurial Case Study this is a case study on how offline mail order marketing methods were converted to online marketing.

12 Month Millionaire

The 12 Month Millionaire is the title of a marketing manual written by a guy called Vince James a couple of years back. It’s out of print now, though there are a few used copies selling on ebay and elsewhere online.

Vince James came from a very disadvantaged background to build a very successful mail order business back in the nineties. So successful that he became a millionaire within a year and built that up to $100 million in a couple of years or so.

But this article is not about that manual, It’s about Vince James and a guy called Russell Brunson. I don’t know Vince and I hadn’t heard of his famous manual until a few days ago. But I do know Russell Brunson, I’ve done business with him a few times over the past few years. Russell is a very talented and successful young man in his own right and a leading light in internet marketing.

Vince’s manual and his methods have been described as quite hard hitting and controversial, Russell’s methods are very straight, skillfull and, in my experience, quite gentlemanly. Yet Russell credits much of his learning and a lot of his success to studying Vince’s manual, the 12 Month Millionaire, while on holiday with his wife! It might even have been his honeymoon, I forget the details – and yes, he is still married! 🙂

But, here’s the punchline – Russell and Vince have teamed up to share what Russell learned from Vince with the rest of us. But for me it’s not even about that unlikely pairing. No, how it came about is actually a real case study in entrepreneurial thinking on Russell’s part. It happened like this….

Russell was really impressed with what he learned, but there was a problem. Vince ran an offline businesss but Russell’s businesses are all internet based. What Russell really wanted to know was, could the same methods work online? Now most people would have been stuck at that point or tried to figure it out for themselves – and maybe come badly unstuck in the process. But not Russell – he sent Vince the following email

To his surprise, Vince agreed to show him exactly how to use his methods online. The result was a six hour in depth consultation during which Vince held nothing back. The learning point here for me was, if you really want to learn something – don’t be afraid to go direct to the one person who can teach you and ASK!

You can get the whole story here