The Step by Step guide to Video Marketing

You know how effective TV advertising has been in the last 50 years, the only problem has been the cost! Small businesses and especially start-ups just haven’t been able to compete with the big corporates and their big budgets for TV advertising. Promoting your business on TV was just out of the question.

Well now, thanks to the power of the internet and new video technology, anyone can promote their business using on-line video. What’s more, more and more people are watching video on the internet, turning their backs on TV with it’s mindless drivel and endless repeats. The good news is that what they are watching and enjoying is often home-made video! Just look at the popularity of YouTube, Google Video and other video websites.

So, how can you as a small business benefit from this new marketing opportunity? Surely something this new must cost a fortune. Nope! I’m using video myself, in fact I did an outside broadcast with a friend at a local business exhibition recently – just as an experiment, and the results have been outstanding. We both had stands there promoting our respective businesses. Andy was marketing his video production business, Blow by Blow Productions and I was promoting my telecom business Marketing by Numbers.

During a quiet spell after lunch we decided on impulse to take one of Andy’s cameras (any digital camcorder would have done) and I interviewed a number of other small business exhibitors while Andy filmed the interviews. Andy later edited the shots and I converted them to web video with some free software I had and put them up on both of our websites. We then emailed the links to the businesses we had interviewed and they put the links on their websites, and so did the exhibition organisers, the local Chamber of Commerce. Our interviewees are delighted with their free publicity and want some more video production work done, while Andy and I got lots of free traffic to our websites. Make no mistake – online video is going to be big!

By coincidence, just a couple of weeks later I came across a report by a guy I know who has generated a whole heap of cash for himself and his clients using online video, it’s called “The Quick Video Marketing Report” by Jeff  “Herschy” Schwerdt. You can get a free copy here:

Quick Video Marketing Report

Jeff is giving away everything you need to know to make Quality Videos and how to Optimize them for Google!

Who is ‘Herschy’?

Herschy is the callsign of an ex F16 fighter pilot, Jeff Schwerdt. Jeff retired from flying following an injury and like many ex military men really knew nothing else. He got involved in internet marketing through through a friend and took an interest in online video, eventually starting his own online video business.

Herschy has generated over $1 MILLION dollars in profits for his business and his personal clients combined in his FIRST 20 months online with multiple clients and products using Video Marketing and Free Advertising Strategies.

So how does he do it?

I’ll let you see right now because Herschy reveals everything in his latest report which he is giving away F-R-E-E for now right  here:

Quick Video Marketing Report

Go get your copy right now while you still can!

You’ll receive a 40 page report, Plus 2 hours of Training Videos, and a Traffic Generation Checklist.

The report Includes 40 Pages of Video Marketing covering How To:

– Write a Quick, Easy, Yet Powerful Video Scripts
– Maximize YouTube as a Video Hosting Service
– Rank on the First page of Google and Youtube using Video SEO
– Find the Best sites to Host Your Videos (Public, HD, and Private)
– Optimize your YouTube Videos
– Optimize Video Lead Pages
– And More…

PLUS! This weekend he’ll be releasing another set of videos showing any newbie how to increase the audio quality of their Flip video Cameras in just a few minutes. That’s Free too.

After months of testing on Google and YouTube, Herschy has developed this new strategic report on Video Optimization Strategies.

It also covers Squeeze  and Sales Page integration, exactly what to say in your videos, he’s figured out exactly what works and now he wants to make it available to you:

Download it from here:

Quick Video Marketing Report

The exciting thing is that Herschy has tested this over the past 20 months and generated over $1 Million dollars in sales for his company and clients with Absolutely Zero out of pocket costs to advertise.

Not only does video yield consistently high opt-in rates, it has increased sales conversions, driven leads, and built a stronger customer relationship.

In other words, it just works!

If you want Herschy’s tested and proven Easy Video Script, Video SEO techniques, and more go here to get it now:

Quick Video Marketing Report

Let me have your feedback in the comments area and tell me what you think of the report. I would also like to know how valuable or otherwise you would find similar reviews or recommendations in the future.