Last week I left you working on eliminating debts……

First noting all your debts and listing them in order of highest interest rate.

Then targeting the largest payment to the debt at the top of the list, Including an additional 10% of budget.

Finally, as each debt is paid off, applying the amount allocated for previous debts to the next one on the list.

Once this exercise is complete, you will be completely debt free and ready to apply your budget surplus to investing for your future. More of that later once your debts are cleared.

In addition, you should still be sticking to your budget set out in week 1. Don’t be concerned about this temporary “belt tightening”, it will get much easier as you go along & will ensure your later freedom and happiness.

This week I shall talk about setting goals. Every successful person on the planet has used written goals at some time or another. It is simply not possible to become successful without clear goals. And written goals are the most powerful tool in your success armoury.

Back in part one, I asked you to make lists for every family member of what they need to be happy. These lists form the foundation of your goals. So go dig them out and let’s get to work.

First divide your goals into the following headings:

Material goals – things like, house, car, home appliances etc. Financial goals – income, investments, savings, pension etc. Intangible goals – time together, personal time, having fun Leisure goals – hobbies, interests, sports etc. Spiritual goals – personal development, meditation, becoming a better person or whatever you feel strongly about.

Add any other category you choose to the above list.

Under each heading, make a list of the appropriate goals. I recommend you write your goals in a special book – it gives them a greater focus. You might want to call this your “freedom” book.

The key to setting goals is to ensure that they are SMART!


S=Specific – in other words, make your goals detailed not vague or undefined. Spell out exactly what you want.

M=Measurable – if it can’t be measured, how will you know when you have achieved it?

A=Achievable – don’t let this limit you too much. It means if anyone has or can achieve the goal, then so can you!

R=Realistic – this means that the goal must be consistent with your beliefs. Napoleon Hill in his epic book “Think and Grow Rich” said “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.

T=Timely – set a definite deadline or target date for the achievement of the goal. If you don’t, it simply drags on until you become disillusioned.

Between now and next week begin to create your “freedom” book.

Next time I shall conclude with an article on making goals happen. Until then…

best wishes